Flaneurs Workshop

"A straight line, may be the shortest distance between two points, but it is by no means the most interesting" 

I loved this workshop, just wandering around taking images as dictated by our little origami device, was very liberating. Where, normally I would have, considered, composition, lighting etc I just quickly snapped a picture of something interesting, closer to the end we abandoned the device and just wandered aimlessly around until we reached our starting point.

I have now edited my series of images into a series which represents the journey I took.


The idea of using a random generator to select when you take photographs, is interesting, as it can then be used to create a non-linear narrative. The above images are a selection from all the ones I took during this work shop, but the order is still retained, and show the progression of a journey, going full circle back to it's starting point. Whilst I dont feel it will be useful within our chosen brief, it is something that i could use at a later date and that i would like to explore furthur