Lois Greenfield. Moving Still

Lois Greenfield is an American dance photographer, or more importantly the figure in motion. She initially started photographing dance in a more documentary style, but became dissatisfied with the approach as it was just photographing someone else's art. Because of this in the 1980's she set up her own studio, where she invited performers to come into the studio, to improvise pieces, and working together create "Non repeatable moments" of dance and movement. Many of her images feature dancers using fabric, dust and other materials to convey a sense of movement, sometimes, it's as simple as having the dancers hair flying free behind them.

She also uses the dancers own body, and the classical lines of ballet to convey the dynamic movement and direction of the dancers body as it moves through space.

Other aspects of her work are the use of mirrors, so the dancer is seen from multiple angles at once, and the use of image projection. During the 1990s Lois Greenfield was invited to take part in "le Printemps de Cahors" (Springtime in Cahors), a French arts festival. For this piece her images were projected on to a large waterfall, where the undulating movement of the water brought movement to her images.
Picking up on the ideas I posted yesterday and the image from Rick Elkins, I thought more about the idea of confusion and movement, so using photoshop and some of the images by Lois Greenfield I overlaid images to create the following image