website tests

After discussing various colour themes for the website we decided to use a black text on a yellow background theme. This would provide impact and ensure the text stood out, it would also, after prolonged looking, start to make your eyes "go funny" stressed etc, which plays into the idea of nerve (our title for the exhibition) our theme of the senses and sensory ideas.

From the start we decided, what ever we did, we would like to use a simple, uncluttered format for the site, over complicated transitions, confusing arrangements of image galleries, complicated menus would serve only to decrease interest in the site from viewers, leading to them to navigate away from the site.

After trying various ideas for the sites home page including landing pages, where you click to be taken to the main site, using just the name/logo for our exhibition, it wasn't working, and did not seem appealing. The Landing page idea, was quickly rejected as that would mean there would still be the need for a 'main home page'. The idea above which utalised the name in centre instead of at the top, look nice, but the empty space, above the menu was distracting.
for the rest which all used the logo design, they seemed to go against our original idea of clean and simple design.
Taking points from other gallery and exhibition sites such as the tate etc, I decided to use a central image of the empty exhibition space, as the main image for the home page.

The next issue which arose, and one which was not solved to, my satisfaction, was the url for the site. I started of using the free version of squarespace (my own web hosting service), to design the site, with the plan being that we would 'upgrade' and register a domain name later.
Unfortunately the rest of the group were not happy to do this, as the prices were too much, and they thought the money could have been better spent elsewhere. I then shifted the site to wix, which offer cheaper packages and pay monthly deals etc, despite this the group decided that, again money would be better spent else where. We discussed buying a domain name but we couldnt link this to our free wix account, which means we were left with the standard wix name in the address url