Michka Henner

In 2004 Henner produced a work entitled img_01. This work consisted of a printed image of no Mans Land during World War 2, and a book which contained the data code of the image


Henners work embraces, image appropriation, and modern technologies, such as google earth.
IMG01 fuses these two together, producing a work which questions the authorship and authenticity of imagery and the balance between the analogue image in the digital age.

As a companion piece to the microscope images I wanted to have an image which somehow pushed their argument of creator/creation further, by using the source code from the electron microscope image we are showing a new level of the creator, and even the building blocks on what we may perceive as being the image maker (the CMOS sensor) Again I want to create a sense of the viewer, not totally understanding what, they are looking at, whilst I am including the images as part of my main exhibit, unlike Henner I am not explicitly, showing the connection between the two, instead, allowing the viewer to make the connection between the two themselves, or to interperate this in their own way. With the advent of films such as the matrix and source code, this connection should be quite explicit, and it will be seen as something that they have in their collective consciousness, this along with the ambiguity of the prints, should set up subconscious links between the two.

keeping with the idea of scientific equipment I have only printed off a small section of the code, I intend to stick these together in a long strip, reminiscent of the old dot matrix print outs, this will be hung on the wall and allowed to drape down on to a stack of paper, giving the impression that there is more code than there actually is.
Due to limitations in this piece for including in the portfolio, a link to the PDF has been provided.