JG Ballard and Baudrillard

“Electronic aids, particularly domestic computers, will help the inner migration, the opting out of reality. Reality is no longer going to be the stuff out there, but the stuff inside your head. It's going to be commercial and nasty at the same time.”

This idea of an reality which is not the one we think it is, relates to the work of Baudrillard. an alternative to the real world. The images I am using for both pieces, have an alternative to reality, one which plays with the idea of the creator and the created. The microscopic image of the photographic sensor, it is a reproduction of the creator, its also a reality that we do not see, it has a place in the real word os a physical item, but the only way we see it at this scale is via its representation from the electron microscope, which because of its complexity, the way it sees the image and that because of its 'scientific nature' has an authority that perhaps the actual object wouldn't have?

"copies that depict things that either had no original to begin with or that no longer have an original”. Baudrilard

The companion piece to these images consists of the source code from one of the images. This again plays with the same themes of Art vs science and the real vs the unreal. In this case the sourcecode represents the data which creates the images we are looking at, but the data can also be said to be showing the creator itself (the actual image sensor (and possibly the photograph) but where does one start and the other end. Which is the reality? the sensor, the image or the code? 
could one exist without the other?or are they all part of a gestalt entity?