Images Tests

one area that has always interested me is the images produced when looking at objects under a microscope. After studying A-Level biology, I loved the images of cells and other microscopic elements, when viewed under the microscope.


Whilst I liked the idea of using a microscope, and I liked the lack of scale they provided I decided to see if I could get images from under an electron microscope. 

this raised the question of what to put under. initially I considered using torn photographs or photographic paper, or even negatives/film. But since this is esentially now a digital process I decided to see what the sensor from a digital camera looked like.

whilst I like these, images I did want them in higher quality so I could print larger, and secondly since I intended to present these as a series of 3 images, in increasing magnification, the presence of the pins

starts to give some sense of scale/size to these images, I wasnt that worried about the text that shows the magnification, but since numbers in microns are almost impossible to visualise, but the pins, that hold electronic components in place is something that people can comprehend, and thus the idea of this unfathomable sense of scale is lost. My aim for this is to provide a slightly disorientating feeling in the viewer, allowing them to decide what the image is, I deliberately want to leave this ambiguous.    


Looking at these six images, I think they are all strong/striking images, but because of the ambiguity present I think I will go with the first 3 as my exhibition piece. Also staring at these images, my eyes started to cross their focus, similar to how Magic eye pictures (autostereograms) do, which I guess works quite well with our sensory theme.