We looked at numerous venues, some of the group were adamant that a central Manchester/city centre location would be best, but this really doesn't take into account accessibility. Depending upon the times we choose to open the exhibition, traffic in the city centre would be a major issue, we also need to consider the distance between the location and carparks, and also the price of city centre carparks, may put visitors off, and reduce the numbers we get. Also we also have to consider disabilities etc, if people cant, get there by car then we would not be encouraging a inclusive environment for the arts. I was unable to get to some of these sites, so these images are from the group page.

The Castle Hotel  (Northern Quarter)

Nice 'rustic' appearance,  but the fact it has bar furniture in there and what looks like books, so it appears to be a room that is regularly used, but also it is a 'public house' and we need to consider if the work we are intending to produce, would work with that environment.

Kraak (Northern Quarter)

Ply (Northern Quarter)


Wonder Inn (City Centre/Shudehill Interchange)


Caustic Coastal (Salford)