Group Meeting 8th March

Group Meeting . Discussion of ideas around roles and places to host the exhibit. I volunteered to do posters/website and catalogue, for various reasons,

  1.  I enjoyed technical sides such as this
  2. I do feel I have good skills in these areas.
  3. due to problems wit M.E and C.F.S.  and this would probably impinge more active ideas, such as meeting and liaising with venues etc.
  4. Having one person working on these areas would ensure a unified design an theame was present throughout everything we produce.
 diagram showing tentative roles within the group.

diagram showing tentative roles within the group.

In addition to this I did suggest it may be better to have a second person for finance, along with Warren, not to be involved, but to be there as a second pair of eyes, to check figures if needed, as Im sure if someone made a simple error (which is incredibly easy to do) they would probably feel terrible, not to mention confusion it would cause for the accounts etc.

We briefly discussed venus etc, but was just briefly mentioning places.
Other ideas discussed were
setting up of a facebook page (private and public) twitter, instagram, and perhapse youtube.