Cornellia Parker

Cornelia Parker is an English, sculptor and instillation artist, though her work does branch out into other areas, including photography. The majority of her work revolves, to some degree, around the idea of deconstruction, in her installation piece "30 pieces of Silver" for example, Parker explained:

Silver is commemorative, the objects are landmarks in people’s lives. I wanted to change their meaning, their visibility, their worth, that is why I flattened them, consigning them all to the same fate

In this she is challenging, examining, and breaking down views on the worth of the object. Now the silver (plated) objects have been crushed, do they retain value? or are they now merely, only fit to be consigned to the rubbish? The material is still there, the amount of it is and its 'scrap value' is still the same, but its aesthetic value has gone, raising questions on is our definition of value, purely monetary, or does something else come into play, something more ephemeral, or intangible. Something that connects with our own feelings, wishes, or memories? Parker emphasises this when discussing this work:

As a child I used to crush coins on a railway track – you couldn’t spend the money afterwards but you kept the metal slivers for their own sake

In the gallery the ruined objects are ghostly levitating just above the floor, waiting to be reassessed in the light of their transformation.

Some of her work that I have been looking at involves, for want of a better word, the unseen. this maybe through images such as, ,which uses dust from the Whispering gallery at St Pauls,  


to more scientific pieces, based around microscopy.