end of response review, supporting evidence, and developmental ideas

The Photographic Object

The first project of this semester which was The Photographic Object, really inspired me, though I enjoyed all the briefs I selected, I think this may be the one I enjoyed the most, It allowed me to play with more abstract ideas and concepts. This is an area I'd quite like to explore further. The idea of using 3D printing with in my work. I have been experimenting using the images that I have presented for my portfolio to create a displacement map, which I then used to distort a poly-mesh sphere in the 3D modelling program, Blender (www.blender.org)

view port shading of distorted polymesh

full render of sculpt

I then took the file I had produced to the 3D printing facilities, and printed out a 3D model of my sculpt. I intend at some point to rephotograph this in the studio. I was going to include the, model as supporting evidence, but due to the delicate nature of the piece I have decided against this. (though it can be seen on request) below is a photograph of the object.

I also experimented with scale during this project, by creating prints large enough that the objects photographed were life size. This can be found as supporting evidence, also included are the original prints, with their cut outs, used in creating my final piece

This can be found as supporting evidence, also included are the original prints, with their cut outs, used in creating my final piece

Instillation and Space

I did enjoy this response project, though probably not as much as the others mainly due to the fact, I did struggle with the craft side in creating my boxes, and making them look neat, though I think this may have helped in the final piece.
If I could do this again I would look at trying to make the boxes more stable and maybe screen printing directly on to the boxes.
If I had more time I did have a number of other pieces in mind which I would have liked to followed up.

1.  due to the recent news about tallow being found in the new polymer £5 notes I considered creating a piece, based on the shape of a cow and filling it with printouts of £5 notes. 

2. A piece regarding how we communicate, and how it is becoming more automated, with messaging programs etc.
For this I would have set up two computers ( I would love to have 2 of the old 90s ibm office computers). each one would have a connection to the internet and an email client. each email client would be set to out of office, and then 1 email would be sent from one compute to the other, this would generate an out of office email, which when received by the first computer would do the same, resulting in a loop, until it was disabled. Then if possible have this connected in some way to a counter which displays the number of emails sent.

Book Project

I enjoyed this project, though in retrospect, I am still slightly unsure of my choice of subject matter/images used in the book. I feel they may have been better suited to large scale printing or gallery display.

The creation of the book was also another problem, as I found the making more difficult than I thought, hence why it may not be the neatest. On the choice of papers I selected the best quality paper I could for the prints and used cheeper paper for the text pages (to simulate the pulp novels of the 1950s) to have a big contrast between the two, this may not have been the best choice. I do want to improve at book making so aim to set myself a personal project of creating a book to go along side Exhibit in the city, as supporting evidence