What I want to do.

After visiting the exchange theatre on another shoot, I became very interested in the architecture of the stage area. It feature a stage 'in the rounds' which was suspended from the ceiling, and utilised the original floor of the exchange theatre from its original use as a money exchange. This was supported by large beams and girders, like the Pompideu centre in Paris. This started me thinking about having outsides on display, the inner workings which we normally keep hidden, similar to the ideas in work.
Over the last few years, due to bullying incidents were I used to work, I developed problems with anxiety and depression, this was confounded when in 2015 my mum died. 
I have a lot of problems expressing myself, and interacting with strangers. I like to keep things close to my chest, secretive and hidden, and not really letting my feelings out (even writing this is uncomfortable, as I worry how people would react).

I decided that i may be able to develop this into my current project. I created a series of boxes of varying size, each to represent a different feeling or emotion, and its strength or weight it has, I don't want to express (hence the reason the images on the boxes are are all identical). I used images from the structure of the Exchange Theatre to represent the inner structure that makes us individuals, in this case my fears and anxieties, and the terror/ fear of what would happen if I bared my feelings to the world. I also used the boxes to show something of a confinement that these feelings provide. The act of building them into structures was to represent my coping mechanisms, as I like to keep things in a certain order, to help me cope. Plus it shows that despite these fears being on display theres also the possibility that they can be used to build a stronger structure (person)