Book Project Introduction

At the end of the last semester I was considering producing a book that expanded upon my previous two projects, and would play with the ideas of playing with expectation and perception. I intended to do this by taking still life objects in the studio, as I did during the photographic object response project,and/or using recognised art works  and pairing them with 3D photo realistic creations, created in Maya and Blender, to work with the notion of you cant believe your eyes.

During the Christmas break I thought about this idea, and came to think, whilst yes I liked it, and that it would work nicely as a book, I had already used 3D modeling for a response to a brief during first year (Cameraless project) and didn't really want to start repeating concepts, when there are more ideas that I could explore. 


below are a couple of the images I created, of 'still life' scenes that I considered for this project