Pipilotti Rist

One of the artists I looked at was Pipilotti Rist. She is a visual artist who works with video, film and moving images. She often displays her work as projections.

Her pieces are presented in a variety of environments, with different materials being used as a medium to receive her projections, but with many of them completely surrounding the viewer.


Oil painting submarine is presented on the walls of a plush reception room, which shows echos of the camera obscura work of Abelardo Morell

Her 2009/2011 work 'Bremer Lungenfl├╝gel' and 2014 work "Worry Will Vanish horizon" again features large projections on the walls, that immerse the viewer. Though this time it is in a more neutral environment, in this case a plain room, with the floor festooned with pillows and cushions for the viewers to lie on.

Though her projection surfaces are not limited to flat walls she also uses pieces of hanging fabric singular and in layers to project her work on to. Each one creating a different effect which encompases the viewer into a new world.

Her work plays with ideas of gender, sexuality, and the human body, though it can be seen to look at the idea of how art interacts with it's environment. In some cases the walls are specially prepared, clean flat services, other times it's a wall in a gallery or stately home, which has it's own art work on the walls, such as in oil painting submarine. This presents an interesting dichotomy, similar to the discussion of ownership presented in the post on Sharon Core. In this case we also need to consider, the fact that one piece of art is not only being displayed along side, other works of art as in a traditional gallery, but it also covers and obscures the art work already there. We could see this as a form graffiti, though in this situation in a non destructive way. Even so it still raises the point of which work of art is more important? The projection, is covering the more traditional paintings, perhaps in a hierarchy of importance? The idea of developing technologies can also work with this. The projection of video is a new technology which is a form of moving still images, so can be seen as a successor of the still paintings.
Her work also is projected, with in the confines of the space. Using the corners and shape of the room to effect the viewer experience. This is a very basic form of projection mapping, which uses the very structure of a space to even more effect.