michael de courcy

Whilst researching projection mapping I came across the work of michael de courcy, whilst not projection mapping, his work does resemble this idea, with images on the sides of cubes and geometric shapes. Where with projection mapping the images come from a projector/lightsource, in these works the images are physically printed to the sides of the cubes


De Courcy, has said that his original intent for the project boxes, was about the repurposing of common place objects as works of art, this developed into the idea that while being stacked and arranged in various locations it turned in to more of a mapping project, and the relation ship between the location displayed and the images presented on the boxes. Originally the boxes were arranged in various positions, in a sculptural way, until it was decided that, the random nature of them could be more aesthetically pleasing. We could also consider that by having landscapes etc printed on them, we could also see it has a depiction of man and the influence he has on environments