Leigh Sachwitz

The idea of structures encompassing us is one that interests me, how we all have our home, our safe haven, in times of stress or trouble, we bury our feelings on the inside. The Work of Leigh Sachwitz,  brought me to one of her instillation pieces called Inside Out.
Flora Fauna Visions describe it.
"Leigh Sachwitz invites you to experience the rain drumming hard on the roof, watching through the window seeing dark clouds stacking up in the night sky. As the protecting walls disappear into the moonlight and the thunderstorm reaches its climax we feel naked – but purified by the light."

This idea has lead me tho considering what if we flipped it, and put all those protective elements on the outside? People are said to wear their heart on their sleeve, but what if the outside of our protective spaces became the inside. Similar to the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the stage area of the royal exchange, the idea of having the structure visible appealed to me.