Tactile, Substance and Photography

When we view images and pieces of art we are usually separated from it by glass, frames, barriers. Photographs themselves, separate us from the reality of what the original objects were, turning what was once a three dimensional object, with shape and form, reducing it to a flat two dimensional plane.

As I have mentioned I have an interest in 3 dimensional design, and in blurring the lines between the real and the fake. As a development from the images produced for this project, I have played with the idea of some how incorporating these images into a 3d project. The problem I encountered was that The pieces I considered producing, were for me rather uninspiring and mundane.

I had considered creating mini sculptures similar to the image above, to create representations of the objects, during my last response project using the items I had removed from the still life's, but while I liked the idea, and it did seem to fit with the original brief of the project, I felt it was a idea that could be developed more, and deserves to be a project in it's own right.
The idea of using 3D printed images, is one that I do find interesting, but to make the piece visually interesting, and to work along with the idea of space, and to try and mimic in some respects the spaces we visited during the tutorial sessions, the printing cost would probably have been prohibitive. Even if I had only printed the sides visible, it would still be excessive, plus I have no idea about the stability of the 3D objects, as their surfaces would have been uneven due to the nature of the images that would have been used.