Spaces Research Trip

As part of the research process, we visited a number of locations around the city. Whilst there we took, images of the spaces, recorded video and audio. These were then used to create a small video piece.

Space 1 Portico Library

The Portico Library, The Portico or Portico Library and Gallery on Mosley Street, Manchester, is an independent subscription library designed in the Greek Revival style by Thomas Harrison of Chester and built between 1802 and 1806. It is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a Grade II* listed building, having been designated on 25 February 1952, and has been described as "the most refined little building in Manchester"

A fantastic peaceful space, subdued and almost church like in its silence. Feels as if time has stood still, and we are visiting another age.

Space 2 John Rylands Library 

The John Rylands Library is a late-Victorian neo-Gothic building on Deansgate in Manchester, England. The library, which opened to the public in 1900, was founded by Enriqueta Augustina Rylands in memory of her husband, John Rylands.[4] The John Rylands Library and the library of the University of Manchester merged in July 1972 into the John Rylands University Library of Manchester; today it is part of The University of Manchester Library.

I also attempted to turn a flat 2D image, into a moving 3D image, that looked like a video piece. This was accomplished by 'projecting sections of the image into a digital 3D space within after effects.

Space 3 St Mary's Church "The Hidden Gem"

The Hidden Gem, or officially St Mary’s Catholic Church, is located on Mulberry Street in Manchester, England. It was first dedicated at the site in 1794 with devotion to St Mary, Our Lady of the Assumption

Space 4 Exchange Theatre