The Photographic Object

For the first response Project of this semester I decided to select ' The photographic Object'. I made this choice based on a few factors:

1. The idea of photographing objects, or what could be considered as a still life, was not one I was familiar with. The only time I had focused on this was during the Square to square project, in year one, where I took photographs of origami objects.


2. After listening to the presentation, I saw applications with in areas of interest, such as 3D renders etc, which could be used as a canvas to present work.

3. These applications also linked into my other areas of study, such as my Conceptualising Practice choice of Media Cultures and my second response project choice of "Photography, materials and Space"

4. I also saw possibilities of expanding ideas from my current Photographic Object project in my next, Photography, Materials and space.

Following on from the initial presentation, I have started playing with ideas around the photographic object, and looking at artists work that may be applicable.