Timothy Hogan

 Gordon's Gin advert by Timothy Hogan.  

Gordon's Gin advert by Timothy Hogan.

The image is very simply composed, in the style of the dutch still life artists, though slightly more animated, due to the lime dropping into the glass splashing the liquid about. If we look at the oil on Canvas by Johannes Hendrik Eversen, while the angle is different, there are many similarities in the composition. In Hogan's image have an image which is portrait, though this could simply be the decision of the company, to ensure they have space for text/ logos, so working with that in mind, we see the photograph is weighted to the right (viewers) of the image, Eversen's is similarly weighted to one side. They both have a large bottle becoming the focal point of the image, and smaller related bottles (glass)  of varying colours, which are different from the focal objects surrounding it.

Still life with bottles by Johannes Hendrik Eversen

Time and again we can look at 'still life' style images and we can see these rules, and common theams are present.

Still life, peppermint bottle, 1895 - Paul Cezanne

Even in more modern styles, such as Pop art, we again see the same ideas of composition. 

Pop Objectivity by Roy Lichtenstein

 Brillo Boxes - Andy Warhol

Brillo Boxes - Andy Warhol

And in modern, computer rendered design images.

Still Life by gleb Alexandrov 

Lights in the image are used to capture form, especially around the shoulder of the bottle, and then used to emphasise the clear nature (what you expect from the product, symbolism maybe) of the glass, by casting patterns on the plain surface, this technique of depicting the clear transparent nature of the object is again used by many still life artists, working in many mediums.

As seen in the above images by watercolour artist Cathy Hillegas. This use of light as well as defining the form of the objects, and the clean bright infinity of the background, suggests a cleanness, fresh and pureness, which the company one hopes the viewer would associate with the product. Again like many of the images that I have been looking at this singling out of the objects, and placing them centre stage, gives them a feeling of importance, as if to say look at me I'm Awesome!!!!